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Ten reasons for visiting Romania

If you think it might be the right moment to visit Romania but you are not sure about this, then I’ll try to convince you that you are about to take a very good decision.

As a tour guide from Romania I had plenty time to visit the most famous tourist destinations of Romania but also to discover most of its secrets. Bellow you are going to discover the main tourist attractions of Romania and other reasons which will make you to come to the country of Dracula or in the Carpathian Garden as it is promoted now.

1 The first reason is that Romania, as a former communist country, is still not very popular among the big tour promoters which means for you the chance of admiring amazing tourist attractions just by yourself. Imagine how many times you wanted to be alone in one amazing place! Well, this is quite possible in this country where you could have just for you an amazing castle like Peles from Sinaia or you could enjoy a stroll on the cobblestone alleys of Sighisoara – probably the best preserved medieval citadel of Europe, without seeing any tourist.

2 In some parts of Romania the country side is so well preserved that it looks like being frozen in time. It is here where you can observe how the locals get up early in the morning to take care of their livestock. Admire the horse-drawn carts leaving behind them a dust that traps like in a phantasmagoria the shimmering light of mornings. Embrace the local culture and discover crafts long time forgotten in other parts of the world. Meet a blacksmith or a group of old ladies embroidering  in front of their gates while having a vivid discussion. Don’t miss the magical world of the Saxon villages, a stunning living book of the once thriving world of the Germans. Maramures is another rural area famous for its wooden buildings, especially for its tall churches, so tall like their builders were ready to reach the sky. And list remains open with many beautiful and well preserved villages.

3 The cities of Romania are full of life, wild, ready to party anytime, vivid, full of history and culture. Be crazy in the night, get the cultural experience during the day; if you mange to get up after the crazy night. Bucharest, the capital of Romania, is considered even by famous travel sites one of the most rising tourist destination of the world. With so many cultural sights, parks, large boulevards, stunning old neighborhoods, restaurants and bars, Bucharest offers plenty options to any kind of tourist. Other cities like Sibiu, Sighisoara or Brasov are known for their extraordinary heritage and for their medieval architecture while Timisoara is famous for its Baroque atmosphere.

4 The fortified churches, many of the begin part of the UNESCO heritage never cease to impress me, although I had seen them so many times. Located in former Saxon towns, these fortified churches of Transylvania look even today like being prepared for another Tartar or Turkish invasion. Some of them, like Perjmer of Biertan, are so well preserved that they can make the visitors to feel the threads of those invasions or the prayers of the former inhabitants. Many times these old fortified churches are located in remote villages with a wonderful landscape.

5 The painted monasteries of Bucovina, five of them being also part of the UNESCO heritage, are a real testimony of the locals’ faith in God but also a testimony of the amazing skills the local artists had achieved in the 16th century. Their exterior frescoes impress even today, 500 years later, any traveler. To all these add the amazing landscape of Bucovina. One of the best is Sucevita, which beside its mural paintings, impresses with its fortress-like shape.

6 If Romania would have just one tourist destination and this would be the Danube Delta, then it would be a reason strong enough for you to come here. After it had passed through 9 countries and 4 capitals of Europe the Danube River finally reaches the Black Sea. It is here where it forms a stunning and unique natural habitat. You’ll be overwhelmed by thousands of birds, many different species of fish or by the luxurious forests with their trees jutting of the water. To all these add the remote villages, the locals and the scenery. And the last but not the least comes the wide and wild beach.

7 The Carpathian Mountains are so beautiful that they convinced the Romanian Tourism Office to use them as a national brand. Forming an arc on the Romanian territory, the Carpathians are one of the last untouched wild areas of Europe. Beside their breathtaking scenery, the Carpathian Mountains are even today a perfect shelter for big and wild animals such us the beautiful brown bears. One of the most amazing roads of the world, as Jeremy Clarkson said, is to be found also here. The Transfagarasan Road is the best and most exciting way of crossing the Carpathians in time of summer.

8 The locals and the food are going to be for you unforgettable experiences. The Romanians are so hospitable that many times, especially in the country side, you’ll be invited in their houses. Don’t be shy in taking pictures of them. They will be glad to pose for you. The food, simple but so fresh is going to be one of the best moments of your trip. In order to complete your meals you must try the local drinks, the rich wines, the local beer or the “tuica”, a local strong plum brandy.

9 This county is so divers that would be impossible to see all or experience everything in just one trip. There are plenty options for everybody, from cultural experiences to adventures for adrenaline junkies, from cities to villages, from mountains to the sea side. Nobody will get bored in Romania.

10 And finally, but many times very important, the cost. Romania is still one of the most inexpensive countries to travel to. My tourists told me many times that Romania is the Eastern Switzerland but at the half price. So take advantage of this and do not worry anymore of high costs while traveling around Romania.


Ten reasons for private tours

I had started as a tour guide with a group of two people then I gathered more and more experience until I started to work with large groups as well. No matter how small or large the groups had been, I always enjoyed this job which is much more than explaining when this was built or what was the life of a famous historical figure. As a tour guide you need to handle all kind of situations, unexpected events or strange requests.  And each time you must work in the interest of you tourists. On the other hand it is great to be able to meet all the time so many different, interesting and intelligent persons. In fact after so many years as a tour guide I don’t consider myself just a Romanian but a person shaped a little bit by my tourists. Each persons I met left, more or less, an indelible mark in my mind. And this can be valid for you as a tourist, as well. Traveling with a tour guide represents the best way of traveling, the ultimate cultural experience!

1 The Cultural Experience

By far the main advantage of traveling with a private guide is that in this way you are going to experience the places you visit like no one else! I like to say that a private tour is like the difference between admiring Mona Lisa in the museum together with a bunch of foreigners or the chance of admiring it in your own house for a week. While traveling you’ll be overwhelmed by so many new things, images over images will pass in front of your eyes one after the other like in a phantasmagorical roller coaster, so fast that many times you’ll miss the essential of that moment. A tour guide can reveal you much more and he can make you to enjoy the moment.

2 Flexibility

Your vacation is not anymore just a series of tourist attractions visited one after the other with no stops. In between two places something extraordinary might happen or you might want to take a break and admire the amazing landscape. During a private tour, small or larger detours can be done unexpectedly at your request. Sometimes, while passing through towns or villages, you might encounter a traditional festival or a local fair. A tour guide will stop and will give you the proper explanations. There is no doubt these kind of tours are the most flexible tours. Also, mornings can start earlier or later, you could skip the lunch and visit more or you could enjoy a good dinner for much longer. All these are part of your own choice!

Do you need some space and time just for yourself? Then your private guide will disappear instantly. He will be back when you’ll need him. That’s why I like to say a tour guide is nothing more than a genie in a bottle :) .

3 Custom-made services

Even from the first email, from the first request, you can specify your main interests and your main preferences. Thus, you’ll have the chance of traveling the way you had decided weeks in advance. All kind of private tours are waiting for you: cultural tours, photo tours, biking tours or hiking tours. And all of them are subject of customization.

4 Off the Beaten Paths

If you travel with a large group or even solo you’ll miss many amazing and interesting tourist attractions located in remote areas, either because a large group is not able to reach those destinations or because a solo traveler is totally unaware of these off-the-beaten attractions. Many times these places can be more attractive than the famous ones. Your personal tour guide knows the country very well and you won’t miss these hidden jewelries.

5 Local Flavor

The private tours will give you the chance of tasting the local flavor and when I say local flavor I don’t mean just the local cuisine but also the local atmosphere which sometimes is quite hard to be noticed. A stroll on the roads of a little village can bring many interesting experiences. You can admire the locals and their daily activity or you can be part of a traditional festival. You might even learn few steps of a local dance.

6 Craft demonstrations

Your private tour guide can take you to local artists where you’ll admire their talented skills. You’ll get explanations straight from them and you might have even the chance to make a pot or to paint an icon. Beyond the craft demonstrations you’ll have the chance of meeting an artist, of exchanging thoughts with him. All these will enhance your personal experience as a traveler.

7 Explanations just for you

All the time you’ll be given all kind of details about history, sights, traditions, local politics or about the social life. Your private guide will be a great traveler partner, especially during the long drives, by telling you many interesting histories or even little trivia. Also, you can ask many questions without waiting for somebody else, thus the discussion will be very smooth and pleasant. Tour guides like to tell many jokes, in this way adding to your journey the fun we all need so much.

8 Accommodation

As private guide I’m always focused on special places for accommodation. During your private tour you could choose your own hotels or you can ask your future private tour guide for assistance in this field. You can have whatever you want, you could stay in a famous 5-star hotel or you could experience a little home stay.

9 Friendsheep

Most of the time, after a private tour you’ll have a friend for lifetime. I’ve been amazed and honored to see that many of my travelers didn’t forget about me and they send me, from time to time, a postcard, an email in which they tell me what they’ve done lately or news related more or less to our trip. For me, this is the best part of my job.

10 Total assistance

You’ll get the best service from your first email till your departure. No one will be more interested in giving you a better service than your personal tour guide. A tour guide is keen to offer you unforgettable cultural experiences and that’s why during the whole trip you’ll be his main focus. In this way you can enjoy a wonderful vacation without being worry at all.

Bellow one can see a slideshow which will probably explain much better why a private tour with your own personal tour guide is a wonderful way of traveling. In order to view the slideshow you need to install flash. Also, take advantage and see the pictures in full size (hover your mouse pointer over the right upper corner of the picture and select the full size view). Each picture has its own explanation.

  1. Be a traveler and experience the country!Make yourself friends among the locals.
  2. Be a traveler and experience the country!Unexpected encounters.
  3. Be a traveler and experience the country!Go beyond the barriers.
  4. Be a traveler and experience the country!Observe the traditions like no one else.
  5. Be a traveler and experience the country!Discover amazing places.
  6. Be a traveler and experience the country!Reach the peaks.
  7. Be a traveler and experience the country!See the life the way it is.
  8. Be a traveler and experience the country!Try it yourself.
  9. Be a traveler and experience the country!Discover the off the beaten paths.
  10. Be a traveler and experience the country!Take the back roads.
  11. Be a traveler and experience the country!Taste the real food.
  12. Be a traveler and experience the country!Be part of the traditions.
  13. Be a traveler and experience the country!Be an explorer.
  14. Be a traveler and experience the country!Learn how it is done.

text and pictures by Daniel Gheorghita
Licensed Tour Guide


Romania Photo Tour

Photo Tours are highly customizable and it depends a lot of the clients what type of tour do they want.

Depending on your interests, the tour can be focused on one subject or more, it can be a cultural-photo tour or a hiking-photo tour or both, etc. Therefore, the best way to organize a private photo tour around Romania is by contacting me.

As your guide I’ll help you with the best suggestions for a perfect tour, whether you are focused on social matters, landscape or animals.

For more details about this tour click here. For more tours click here.

by Daniel Gheorghita
Licensed Tour Guide


Roaming Romania Tour

This is one of the most complete standard tour of all my tours. And more attractions can be included at your request.

The tour includes most of the famous, interesting, beautiful and hidden gems of Romania. In the first part of the tour you’ll get to see Targoviste, the former capital of Wallachia, Curtea de Arges Monastery and the real castle of Vlad the Impaler, Poienari Castle. You’ll reach Sibiu, the European capital in 2007 and you’ll continue with a stunning salt mine located in Turda. This tour will give the chance to admire the amazing wooden churches of Maramures and the hospitable locals. You won’t skip the famous Merry Cemetery.

The tour continues with the unique painted monasteries of Bucovina and then with the quaint medieval citadel of Sighisoara. On the way to Bucharest you’ll spend one night in one of the most amazing estates of Romania which belongs to a Hungarian count.

The most beautiful castle of Romania, Peles Castle and the most famous one, Bran Castle, are part of this tour. In the end you are going to admire the vivid life of Bucharest and its landmarks,

For more details about this tour click here. For more tours click here.

by Daniel Gheorghita
Licensed Tour Guide


Dracula’s Myth Tour

Should you be interested in a one-day tour that starts from Bucharest then Dracula’s Myth Tour might be the right choice for you.

You are going to be taken from you hotel and transferred to Sinaia. On the way you are going to be told the history of Romania, the present economical, political, social and cultural situation of Romania, many other stories and fun aspects about this country.

In Sinaia you’ll visit the most beautiful castle of Romania, Peles Castle and the local monastery. Then the tour continues in Transylvania with Brasov, a lovely former German city. It is here where you’ll visit the interesting Black Church. The next stop is the famous Bran Castle.

In the afternoon you’ll be taken back to your hotel but not before a last visit at the Snagov Monastery.

The tour is a cultural one. For more details click here.

by Daniel Gheorghita
Licensed Tour Guide

© FelixRomania
Powerd by Daniel Gheorghita.