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Peles Castle in Sepia

The castle of Peles is with no doubt one of the most visited tourist sights of Romania. Here most of the weekends make from this place almost a giant ant hill. Thousands of people try to enter the castle, better said a palace, in order to understand and to envision the former life of the Romanian-German royal couples. Hundreds of rooms, luxurious halls, tens of bathrooms, amazing art and weapon collections, modern amenities, all of them make from this place a kind of Mecca or the Romanian tourism.

As a Romanian tour guide I have the chance and the pleasure of seeing this place many times in one year. Each time I guide my tourists through this amazing castle with the same astonishment. Being so many times here I have the chance of taking many pictures as well. The one bellow was taken recently on a cloudy day. It is one of my favorite pictures of the Peles Castle from Sinaia.


Easter Egg Hunt

The Peles Castle, one of the most beautiful museums of Romania, in fact one of the most beautiful castles of the world, organized today an Easter Egg Hunt for kids with the occasion of the Orthodox Easter. In this way the museum brought the castle back to life. Kids were running in all directions trying to find as many eggs as possible. Some of the pictures I took captured the innocence of the children and their happiness.

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