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The Full Moon

Few nights ago the moon was at the closest distance to the earth, hence everybody tried to capture this moment and now you can see on internet thousands of pictures of the moon. While many captured the moon, I tried to do something different and I took advantage of the “moon light” capturing a beautiful little old house built in the Carpathian Mountains. It is here where I take my small groups, no larger then 4 or 5 people. This little house, originally built in 1910, was restored by a young family and now it is one of my favorite accommodations all over Romania.

by Daniel Gheorghita
Licensed Tour Guide



Cehetel (Csehétfalva in Hungarian) is a remote village located in the county of Harghita, Transylvania. There are not many old records about this forgotten village but it seems that it exists before the 15th century.

Today, Cehetel or Csehétfalva, is a small village inhabited by Hungarians. The main attraction of Cehetel is the Unitarian Church built on the site of a former church which had been demolished previously. The present one was finished in 1826. Simple, of small dimensions, the church of Cehetel attracts the attention of any visitor through its leaning tower. Finished in 1835, the tower started to lean on one side so badly that the owners took down the bells. The leaning process had continued till 1917. Today it represents a major attraction for the few travelers who dared to adventure here.

For any traveler Cehetel is a fantastic reward. The remote village, surrounded by tree-covered hills, is a great chance to admire the old Hungarian architecture, the dirt roads or the people and their animals. Definitely, you’ll like this forgotten world. A visit here will give you the feeling you can touch the past.

I’ve visited this place in 2006 and I intend to come back. Once in the village of Cehetel ask for the reverend. He and his wife will be happy to show you the little village and their church, all the secrets of this off the beaten path tourist attraction from Transylvania, Romania.

by Daniel Gheorghita
Licensed Tour Guide