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Best of Bucharest


You are in Bucharest for a shorter or longer period of time but you don’t know what are the best attractions of the city? Then here you can have a Top 6.5 of Bucharest. From buildings to parks, from avenues to churches and beyond. Of course, this is just a top, tens or hundreds of other different tops can be done based on the opinion of each person.

1 The Romanian Athenaeum

What defines Bucharest is hard to tell in just one word but The Romanian Athenaeum can be considered a real masterpiece or an important pylon of the local culture and beyond. It is, at least in my own opinion, the emblem of Bucharest. Don’t miss to visit the interiors in case you don’t have time or the chance to attend a concert.

The Romanian Athenaeum

2 The Cismigiu Garden

The Cismigiu Garden is like a dream, like a fantasy of a green symphony. Imagine a bustling metropolis full of cars and people and suddenly you are surrounded by large green alleys, old and impressive trees, thousands of flowers, statues, benches where the young lovers promise their eternal love and by a beautiful lake.

3 Pavel Kiseleff Boulevard

Parks, outdoor or indoor museums, interesting landmarks, old houses built in different classical styles, green alleys, The Triumphant Arch, embassies or fine restaurants are to be found on this outstanding boulevard. This boulevard is by far the Romanian Champs Élysées where you can easily spend hours and hours.

4 The Stavropoleos Church

The christian faith has always played a very important role in the existence of the Romanians or in their daily life. The Orthodox churches of Romania represent a wonderful synthesis of the Byzantine art and western one. The small church of Stavropoleos is an amazing example of great architecture and outstanding frescoes.

5 The Old Center

It is here Bucharest was born. Everything started with a wooden fortress, many other buildings begin built by the passing of the centuries. Affected by fires, wars and destroyed by the communists, the old center of Bucharest is under a major renovation, some streets being already finished and packed with terraces, restaurants, bars or souvenir shops.

6 Victoriei Avenue

With a history of more than 300 years, Victoriei Avenue can be considered as a real witness of the local history. Years ago it is here where the reach families were going out in their expensive carriages. Exquisite houses, palaces, museums, monuments, shops or historical squares can be admired here.

6.5 The Parliament and The Cotroceni Palace

Ask any foreigner tourists what does he know about Bucharest and definitely he will mention Dracula and The Romanian Parliament. This is the largest administrative building of Europe built at the desire of a crazy communist leader. Today it serves as a headquarter of many public Romanian and European institutions. In the same time is the most visited landmark of Bucharest.

The Cotroceni Palace, with a long history, is the headquarter of the Romanian Presidency. Part of it is open to the public. It is one of the most beautiful buildings of Romania and would be pity to miss it.

For both palaces you need a reservation in advance and your passports.

  1. Villacrosse PassageBucharest.
  2. The Village MuseumWindow of a house.
  3. Victoriei AvenueThe National Art Museum.
  4. Victoriei Avenue
  5. Victoriei AvenueThe Canatcuzino Palace - George Enescu Museum.
  6. The Village MuseumTraditional house.
  7. The University Palace
  8. The Triumphant Arch
  9. The Stavropoleos ChurchExterior frescoes.
  10. The Stavropoleos ChurchThe courtyard and the cells.
  11. The Herastrau Park
  12. The Palace of Internal AffairsBucharest.
  13. The Saint Spiridon Church - Old
  14. The Romanian Patriarchy
  15. Victoriei AvenueThe National Art Museum.
  16. The Romanian Parliament
  17. The Romanian Parliament
  18. The Romanian Athenaeum
  19. The Village MuseumHouse half underground.
  20. The Romanian Athenaeum
  21. The Pavel Kiseleff ParkBicycle tracks.
  22. The Stavropoleos ChurchInterior of the church.
  23. The Cismigiu GardenThe Sissi Creek.
  24. The Old Princely Church
  25. The Village MuseumAdobe house.
  26. The Military Club
  27. The Lady Balasa Church
  28. The Village MuseumGirls dressed in traditional costumes.
  29. Lipscani Street
  30. The Carol ParkThe Zodiac\'s Fountain.
  31. The Herastrau Park
  32. The Saving Bank
  33. The Herastrau Park
  34. The Herastrau Park
  35. The Herastrau Park
  36. The Herastrau Park
  37. The Coltea Church
  38. Pavel Kiseleff BoulevardThe Geology Museum.
  39. The Cismigiu Garden
  40. The Cismigiu Garden
  41. Covaci StreetFresco.
  42. The Cismigiu Garden
  43. The Central University Library
  44. The Central University Library
  45. The Carol ParkThe castle.
  46. The Carol ParkThe grave of the unknown soldier.
  47. The Antim Monastery
  48. The Anglican Church
  49. Pavel Kiseleff BoulevardVasile Ganea House.
  50. Pavel Kiseleff BoulevardTriumf Hotel.
  51. Pavel Kiseleff BoulevardPavel Kiseleff Palace.
  52. Pavel Kiseleff Boulevard
  53. Lipscani Street
  54. The Herastrau Park
  55. Hilton Ahenee PalaceBucharest.
  56. Ghika-Gradisteanu House
  57. The Cismigiu GardenHaw-finch.
  58. Financial PlazaBucharest.
  59. Covaci Street


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